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Public Relations Portfolio

Giant Steps Press

Website Creation

I created these two websites utilizing WordPress for Giant Steps Press and Kirpal Gordon.

Website [1]

Website [2]

Facebook Content

I edited videos for Kirpal Gordon to create content for Facebook and promote his book New York at Twilight: Selected Tales of Gotham’s Weird & Eerie and Lyrical Miracle: Homage to the Great American Songbook.

Video [1]

Video [2]

Video [3]

Video [4]

Interview for Lyrical Miracle: Homage to the Great American Songbook April 2021

Interview for Poet’s Apprentice: The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics: January-March 1980 April 2021

Interview & Reading by David Cope on His New Released Book About Allen Ginsberg July 2021

Chelsea DeBarros Interview on Her Upcoming Book Backtrack Journeys August 2021

Part 1 Part 2

Hicksville Boys and Girls Club

For my Public Relations campaigns class we received Hicksville Boys and Girls Club as a client. I was the Account Lead, so I managed a team of six people with Amber Clavette, the Public Relations Strategies Director. She saw the blind spots I wasn’t thinking about, and we would adjust together as a team as need be. The other team members were Danielle Feldman as the Event Planning Director, Maria Mobley as the Corporate Social Responsibility Director, Olivia Sottile as the Media Relations, Melanie Clark as the Experimental and Partnerships Director, Sophie Bylina as the Social Media director, and Alyssa Correa as the Content and Art Director. We had about a month to brainstorm a plan for the client that correlated all the teams and this is what we came up with.

Final Presentation

This is where we presented our final ideas to the client by tying together how each chair worked with one another to finalize these plans. Overtime we adapted this from our original ideas due to the short timeline and the pandemic because we couldn’t risk new members wanting to join after the event due to the small facilities and social distancing protocols.

Final Presentation

County Cleaners Corporation

I was the account lead at The Swing Agency, an Student-Run Integrated Communications Agency, for the client County Cleaners Corporation. I managed the three team members I had by designating weekly deliverables including a newsletter, customer service satisfaction survey and email, LinkedIn bio, media list, pitch letters, and hashtag and competitor research. Here is what I personally created for the client below.

Initial Presentation


Program Plan

This document laid out our plan for the next three months. It also included Tactics/Action Items, Evaluation, Timeline, Budget, and Team Members.

Long Island Herald Newspaper Ad

This ad I created appeared in the Rockville Center Newspaper on page 4 in black and white. I personally worked with the Long Island Herald representative to purchase these ads.

Long Island Herald Website Ad

I created this ad via Canva and it appeared on the homepage of the Long Island Herald.



Press Release


Content Calendar

Content Calendar

Meet the Team: Instagram

I made and posted these graphics to introduce the seven team members that run County Cleaners.

Meet the Team Page 1

Meet the Team Page 2

Meet the Team: Facebook

Meet the Team

Meet the Team: LinkedIn Story

Meet the Team

F.A.Q Sheet

This was made for an Instagram Story.

F.A.Q. Sheet

Other Social Media Posts I created and posted include:

These captions were written by my team member Andrew Iovino, but I provided the articles attached.


Analytics are concluded in this Final Presentation .

Other work created by my team:

Hofstra New Student Orientation

Along with my position as an orientation leader I was on the social media and marketing committee. There were five of us on this team including Alisha Ciunci, Ashlei Rivera, Julie Smith, and Yekini Abu. I personally ran the facebook page with Julie.

Facebook Posts

These are all the graphics and videos I made for the Facebook page utilizing Canva and IMovie.

Whalehouse Point Restaurant &Bar

I used to work for this restaurant, so I used it as a focus for my projects for my Public Relations Copywriting class.

6 Panel Brochure

Eco Hill Membership brochure is based off a program I made for them for the CSR resport.




F.A.Q Sheet

F.A.Q Sheet

Other Work

Social Media Campaign

I was Public Relations chair for my sorority, where I ran their Instagram, Twitter, and VSCO. This was part of the campaign I ran called Senior Spotlight. It recognized the 13 graduating seniors. The captions included their full name, pledge name, what they learned from the sorority, and advise for girls thinking about becoming new members.




Visualized to be in an email format.

I have also created a content calendar that resulted in the Facebook page below:

Facebook Page

Content Calendar

As well as facebook ads:

The first two ads were for this event I planned called BOOM. The presentation is here.



I created an campaign for my media relations class to raise awareness about sexual violence on campus.

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