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My portfolio showcases various projects created throughout my career. See my contact information below and get in touch.


As we go through life we look back on our greatest moments: whether that be running down the beach with your friends under a moonlit sky at 3am; watching the honey sunset paint itself across the sky as you race your brother home; feeling a trumpet player pour his heart out as he slips into his song; hearing your family singing you happy birthday with candles lit, smiles burning. In these moments we think of forever, but forevers end. 

 For the past few months, we have all been ripped away from our daily routines whether that be from our 9-5s, our dorm rooms, our family members, future plans, and friends. We think: “Where did forever go?” We thought we had all the time in the world to teach, to learn,  to graduate, to live and now here we are four walls and a medical mask later. 

Personally, this change has been hard on me. I was not expecting to be living in Florida for another year, all of my belongings, my home is in New York, all of my lasts for college in the dust, all of my people scattered like broken glass across the country. I’ve realized there is no forever, just now. 

Going through quarantine I caught myself looking back, but I also started looking at what is in front of me. I get to be with my family now in Florida. Now I can sit with my brother and eat breakfast, hang out with my family next to the pool, go on adventures, and see how their life unfolds in our new home and how we create that together. I love my family so much. With them I can accept that things change, but that’s life; with them I have been able to take this terrible situation and make some good out of it; with them I’ve learned to live in the now.


All these pictures are unedited copies. I took these while I was helping with a volunteer project in Cambodia and Thailand with Reach Out Volunteers.

Reflections Project

I had to chose a reoccurring theme for a final project. I choose reflections. It is about getting reflections of different subjects in a multitude of objects.



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